The Chemlock® Dual Box

The Chemlock ®DUAL box, the right box for the safe transport of noxious chemicals

Chemlock® Dual Box

DUAL Box key features

Lid to box seal: a permanent bond is achieved using a replaceable high ACN nitrile rubber seal selected for its high resistance to chemicals, particularly solvents which can be part of today’s pesticides 

Dual box User benefits

Leak proof with double fume protection when used in combination with the PEST PARTNER Stronger than an inferior fibreglass box that can disintegrate on impact. Unlike steel the Chemlock® DUAL box will not rust, and the box materials will not react with glyphosate, hence avoids producing explosive hydrogen gas - a significant unrealised problem! The box has 3 detachable hinges and 3 over centre locks with centre one having the facility to be padlocked. The lid is detachable, with a 77mm lip height; hence it can be used as a spill tray to avoid an environmental risk due to spillage when filling knapsack sprayers. The DUAL box is lightweight and easy to carry using the inbuilt handles at each end. Dual purpose alternative use for Aluminium Phosphide based gassing agents. The Chemlock ®“DUAL” box will fit in the boot of most cars and vans; note the lid has chamfered ridge slots to assist with security fastening in vehicles.

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