Pest Partner Box

The Chemlock® Pest Partner; the right box for safe transport of Aluminium Phosphide


PEST PARTNER box key features

A new practical concept design with the ability to take account of the Professional Operator working with Aluminium Phosphide based gassing agents (e.g. Talunex and Phostolxin)

Materials: the box and lid are made from specifically formulated thermoplastic to be super strong and chemical resistant, and coloured green. The compound provides a wide spectrum of chemical resistance making the box both lightweight with significant impact and tensile strength.

Box size :External box dimensions are 350 mm x 154 mm x 120 mm

Box weight : 1.25Kg

Total Capacity: Up to 8 x 90 or 100gsm flasks per box.

A NEW concept designed for the Professional Operator working room to secure canisters containing the aluminium phosphide gassing agent.

Combination use: The Chemlock® PEST Partner box can be used as a stand alone box or used in conjunction with a Chemlock® DUAL transport box. When used in combination the DUAL box acts as a "mother box" providing double fume protection.

PEST PARTNER user benefits

The Chemlock® PEST PARTNER box has triple over centre locks for maximum fume protection, the centre lock having the facility for an optional padlock for extra security.


Each box's capacity is sufficient for a full days work. Up to two boxes can be housed inside the top of the larger DUAL box.Easy to carry: D-Rings at each end of the box together with a padded "over the shoulder” webbing strap is provided.A removable inner tray provides a secure location for each individual 90 or 100gsm flask. When removed the box reverts to multi purpose use.

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