Boxes in combination use

The Chemlock ® DUAL and PEST PARTNER boxes when used in combination make for a more effective and safer way of working.

Chemlock® Dual Box

Double fume protection is inherent for the PEST PARTNER when carrying Aluminium Phosphide based gassing agents (e.g Talunex and Phostoxin) when more extensive volumes need to be transported.

Other User benefits

Enhances a User’s compliance in meeting their “Duty of Care” responsibilities to both people and the environment.An Operator’s personal safety is enhanced and productivity “in the field” is improved.Up to two smaller Chemlock ® PEST PARTNER boxes can be secured in place within the top of the larger Chemlock ® DUAL safe transport box. Additional boxes of Aluminium Phosphide agents can also be stored in the base of the DUAL box.The combination of the Chemlock ® DUAL and PEST PARTNER(S) boxes will fit in the boot of a conventional 4/5 door Car, or Van.The option of using a padlock on either or both the DUAL and PEST PARTNER enhances personal safety and increased security of their contents.


To ensure optimum gas safety no other non-gassing agents or compounds should be carried when the Chemlock ® boxes have any gassing compounds inside.

Frequently Asked Questions