Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Your trust and privacy are our highest priority.

At ADH Baseline Ltd we are committed to protecting your privacy throughout your time on our website, and we pledge to respect you and the information you provide.

ADH Baseline Ltd observes the code of practice covering the use of personal data as outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998, and the General Data Protection Regulations.  Any private data stored by us will be destroyed once it is no longer relevant to your order.

Internet Security

All data provided to the ADH Baseline Ltd  website is treated with the utmost sensitivity.

Any information provided can only be read by ADH Baseline Ltd authorised computers. 

Telephone Verbal Orders

In the event of any delays in processing of placed orders when payment details have been provided, the data will be retained in a locked secure place in our alarmed offices until used.

Immediately after use, the data retained will be securely destroyed.

Should any extended periods in excess of 7 days be experienced the payment data will be security shredded and reapplied for, when normal completion of the order is imminent.  


When you provide your email address we promise that we will never pass your details to any third parties.